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This Schedule has been prepared by Gwen Johnson waiting the approval of
Sound Director

- Pastor Baker – Assistant Pastor
- Bernard King - Sound Director

For the month of September. There is no choir rehearsal on Saturday,
September 1st. or September 29th.  

Tuesday, Sept. 4,18,25, these are the Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal (Bernard will
cover these)

Wednesday Night Bible Study:  Bernard King

Saturday Rehearsal Sept. 8, 15, 22, Gwen Johnson will cover

On Tuesday, Gwen Johnson will be at rehearsals.

On Saturday, will alternate with Stephen Booth/Gwen Johnson
Key Point            

Vision for our Church
for you to become the
person God wants you
to be and to live the life
to which He calls you,
the love and discipline
of a vital church
relationship are
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