Welcome to the web site of St. Mark
    Community Church, in Jacksonville

    Maybe you are new to the area and you’
    re looking for a church home, or you
    have been away from the church for a
    long time and feel the need to return, or
    maybe you’re just curious about
    Christianity and want to explore more.  
    Whatever the reason, St. Mark just may
    be the place for you.

St. Mark is a medium-size congregation with an average Sunday morning
worship attendance of around 150 people. We strive to worship Him, to love
Him, be like Him by loving one another and showing His love to a world that
desperately needs it.

Everyone is welcome at St. Mark. Everyone!! We pride ourselves in being a
welcoming and friendly church. Come just as you are, with no exceptions.

We realize that we may do some things differently from the way you’re use to
and that’s okay. We understand that we can’t be all things to all people. There
are a lot of good churches in this area and we don’t mind you looking around
because we believe you’ll be back. We believe that “you may tie us but you
can’t beat us!”

Please come and see how the Holy Spirit is working here at St. Mark Community
Church. You just may find the church home you’ve been looking for.
Vision for our Church

A Church where
ministry emphasis are:

•  Worship
•  Fellowship
•  Discipleship
•  Evangelism
•  Missions
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9:00 am - Sunday School
10:00 am - Morning Worship

* Children’s Church (2nd & 3rd

12:00 pm - Bible Study

6:30 pm - Bible Study*

* Teen Outreach (Admin Bldg.)
Enter the Prayer Room
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